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Her voice is pure, strong, and power. Her lyrics and her dance moves are seductive with a sultry feel.

Emily, Chu Impose Magazine


Sydney Raneé is a powerhouse singer, songwriter and producer with a stage presence you won’t forget. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sydney’s dynamic voice has drawn in fans everywhere from Australia to Italy.  She began performing at the age 10 and earned her Bachelor's degree in Music from Cornish College for the Arts. Sydney doesn’t recognize any boundaries in her music style which is primarily R&B/Soul, yet contains elements of jazz, funk, rock and pop. 


The broad appeal of her music enabled many of her songs to be featured on television shows such as 911 Lone-Star, Love Is Blind and Dynasty.  It also allowed her to be a featured performer for the ‘Daytime Emmys’ in 2020 and 2021 and earned her coverage in music publications like Impose Magazine, Examiner, and AXS.


In 2015, she ventured into the world of music production. Since then she has released multiple projects that she wrote, produced and recorded. In 2021 Sydney released two songs “Go Back and “Complicated”. The pandemic hasn’t slowed her down!  She continues to engage and  share her music through digital performances in virtual venues such as ‘Jam in the Van,’ ‘Songbird Sessions,’ ‘Crooners In Coffeeshops,’ and ‘SoFar Sounds.’  In January 2022, Sydney introduced a new song that she has adopted as a motto “Wake Up and Get It,” where she sings about overcoming depression and living each day to the fullest. This song has reached the number 2  spot on the R&B Trending Tracks on Amazon Music U.K. It has also been played on multiple radio outlets around the world.


Sydney has also ventured into the world of fashion by designing "looks" that she creates from scratch. Sydney’s outfits are bold and ever changing just like her music. Her mesmerizing voice, songwriting and unique style demonstrate her talent and skill.